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  • ACSO First Facility in MS to Offer Inmate Video Visitation

    Published July 1, 2013, Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office

    At the June 17th Board Of Supervisor’s meeting, a contract with Homewav, provide Inmate Video Visitation for Adams County Jail was approved.

    “Video visitation is the wave of the future for correctional facility visiting, and Adams County Sheriff”s Office is proud to be the first facility in Mississippi to offer it,” said Sheriff Mayfield.

    With this innovative new service, inmate visitation privileges will be greatly enhanced. Immediate family, relatives and friends will be able to visit with inmates from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a computer with a webcam and Internet access. The service will also be available on some Smartphone’s.

    Currently inmates are restricted to 30 minute visits with immediate family only, and children under the age of 12 are not allowed in visitations. Visitations are limited to Saturday for females, Sunday for males and Wednesday & Thursday for trustees, and contact visits are not allowed. Inmates and family members are placed in separate rooms, and visit through a glassed partition, communicating with each other on jail phones

    Visitation on the new web-based system will be similar as contact visits are unavailable. However, inmate visitation will be greatly enhanced with expanded visitation privileges. When Inmate Video Visitation is implemented, the service will be available to inmates 8 hours per day, 7 days per week. Inmates will not be limited to visits with immediate family only. They will have the ability to visit with extended family members, relatives and friends, and children under the age of 12 will not be excluded. With this web based system, inmates can visit with family & friends anywhere in the United States. Any court ordered exclusions regarding visitations will be enforced, and all visitations will be monitored.

    “The new system presents tremendous advantages in time savings, as well as contributing to increased safety and security for our facility. It will make inmate visitation simpler and safer for all involved, and will allow jail staff to allocate more time on safety & security of the facility,” said Sheriff Mayfield.

    The visit works just like a phone call — no jail personnel are involved in connecting the visit. And, unlike other visitation systems, there is no need to involve jail personnel to schedule visits in advance,

    “There is no cost to the jail or to taxpayers for the equipment or installation. Maintenance is covered, at no charge, for the life of the contract,” said Sheriff Mayfield. The system will eliminate movement of inmates from cellblocks to the 1st floor for visitations, thereby eliminating opportunities for contraband being passed, and also eliminates opportunities for inmate incidences when inmates from different cellblocks are on the same floor for visitation, he explained.

    This change in visitation procedure will also provide needed space for attorney/inmate visitations, and inmate visits with other agencies. The rooms currently utilized for inmate family visitation will be converted for inmate visitations with other agencies.

    With the implementation of Inmate Video Visitation inmates will feel more connected to their homes and families. This should have a positive impact on morale and behavior. Family members are spared the expense, inconvenience, and emotional distress of coming into the jail to visit. Visiting a loved one in an institutional environment, with the inherent security requirements, can be an unpleasant experience for anyone, especially children.

    “Feedback from other facilities utilizing the Homewav Inmate Video Visitation have been very positive, and we expect the same results for the Adams County Jail,” said Sheriff Mayfield.

    Finalizing an agreement for Inmate Video Visitation has been difficult, as this is a service typically provided only to larger facilities with inmate populations above 200. Prior to selecting Homewave as the provider for this service, we looked at numerous companies, and determined that Homewav was the most suited for our facility as their patent-pending system is the most innovative and advanced web-based visitation system of its kind, and the only one that would provide this service with no direct or indirect costs to the facility.

    “We appreciate Homewav’s commitment to the County to provide this new service which will greatly benefit the Adams County Jail, inmates and families,” said Sheriff Mayfield.



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