• Bail bonds companies are not charged for calls not accepted.
• The inmate will not be able to leave a message, hence not being charged for unaccepted calls.
• A phone number can be blocked if requested.
• Bail bonds phone numbers can be added or removed.
• Bail bonds companies can contact accounting@homewav.com at any time to opt out of the service
• Bail bonds companies will be invoiced once a quarter unless your invoice is over $50 and then you will be invoiced monthly.

Terms And Conditions:
1. Any sort of system abuse may be prosecuted and lead to termination of HomeWAV’s system.
2. All payments should be received by HomeWAV within 30 days of invoice. Any late payment will lead to account suspension.
3. Bail bonds company must fill out profile form online and wait for account confirmation from HomeWAV.
4. HomeWAV is not responsible for any outgoing calls by inmates to provided numbers.
5. Privileged inmates may not be able to dial provided numbers.
6. All calls will be charged at HomeWAV’s current bail bonds rate, subject to change.

By clicking the submit button below, you confirm that you agree to terms and conditions

The company contact number will not be added to the inmate call list unless it is added to the phone number request. please separate multiple numbers with a comma.
please separate multiple numbers with a comma



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