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  • Cherokee County Jail adds new video visitation software

    By Kelly Reid, Reporter
    KOAM TV 7

    A new video visitation system installed in Cherokee County — is benefiting the county in more ways than one. The new technology at the jail is benefiting everyone — from inmates, to their families and the county.

    It might look a little complicated at first glance…but inmate visitation just got easier…and more convenient. Thanks to new software installed at the Cherokee County Jail, operations are becoming more efficient for everyone.

    “We’ve seen the opportunity with the Homewav system will not only benefit the county as a little bit of a source of revenue, but also for the inmates convenience for long distance ones to still be able to connect with their family.” says Cherokee County Undersheriff, Terry Clugston.

    The Homewav video system allows family and friends to go online, create an account and use a credit card to grant them access to have a video visit with an inmate for 50 cents per minute….which is more affordable than the typical collect phone call. Officials say this new way of visitation works for traveling visitors.

    “It takes down the amount of work the in house correctional officer has to deal with the people coming in on specific days to do a face to face. Even though there’s a barrier there, it’s a face to face visitation, so…that requires additional security measures. So we’ve really eliminated a lot of that and it’s been a win win so far.” says Sheriff David Groves.

    The Homewav system is not only a privilege for inmates who get to use it, but it’s also a convenience for family members who may have to travel from far away.”

    The jail currently holds 27 inmates from Sedgewick county, and 1 from Crawford County. Which can add up to more than an hours worth of travel time.

    “It gives us a tool for inmate management. They are told up front that it’s a privilege. If it’s abusive, if anything is inappropriate then those privileges are revoked. And we have the opportunity to monitor and record those visits as they are occurring live.” Groves says.

    So far the county has not seen any problems with inmates abusing the new system.



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