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  • County Detention Center Unveils Innovative Online Video Visitation System

    System Effectively Increases Visitation with No New Costs to Tulsa County Taxpayers or Facility

    Tulsa, OK (June 2013) – Sheriff Stanley Glanz announced that the Tulsa County Jail is launching a new inmate video visitation program.

    Once installed the HomeWAV system with allow family members and friends to schedule and conduct video visits with jail inmates using any suitable computer connected to the Internet. The new visitation system will expand available visitation hours, and provide visitation to those unable to visit the facility in person.

    “Video visitation is the wave of the future for correctional facility visiting,” Glanz said, “Tulsa County is offering the technology because it will be beneficial for tax payers, our jail facility staff and for the inmates and their families.”

    The Tulsa County Jail is installing the HomeWAV visitation stations—consisting of a telephone handset, keypad, webcam, PC, and video monitor—in day rooms for the inmates. The new visitation system gives the jail complete control of visits at all times with live monitoring, recording of all calls, and database access to visitation records.

    HomeWAV is a video visitation system that allows family and friends to participate in real-time video visits with an inmate from the comfort of their own home. For visitors the process works just like a phone call except that a computer with a webcam and Internet access is required. The cost to the visitor is only 50 cents per minute—typically less than a collect phone call – and unlike other visitation systems, there is no need to schedule visits in advance since no jail personnel are involved in connecting the visit.

    Glanz stressed that there is no cost to the jail or to taxpayers for the equipment, or installation, and maintenance is covered at no charge for the life of the contract. The system is expected to greatly reduce overall personnel costs for the jail by making the visitation process simpler and safer for all involved, he noted.

    Following extensive testing and evaluation by his department, Glanz stated that the HomeWAV system was selected for its comprehensive features and ease of use. “The new system presents tremendous advantages in time and cost savings, as well as contributing to increased safety and security for our facility.”

    According to Glanz, they are expecting feedback from both inmates and visitors to be very positive. “Our inmates will feel more connected to their homes and families, and this will have positive impact on morale and behavior.”

    “We recognize the visiting a loved one in an institutional environment, with the inherent security requirements, can be an unpleasant experience for anyone, especially children,” Glanz said. “With this new system, family members are spared the expense, inconvenience, and emotional distress of coming into the jail to visit.”

    The visitation system was developed by HomeWAV, LLC, a Virginia based company. “Our patent-pending technology is the most innovative and advanced web-based visitation system of its kind and the only one with no direct or indirect costs to the facility,” said HomeWAV founder and CEO Gary Humphries.

    HomeWAV is the leading web based video visitation company in the country with facilities in nine states under contract, according to Humphries. HomeWAV was designed with guidance from jail administrators. The needs and operation of jail facilities were paramount, Humphries explained, rather than requiring jails to operate around the requirements of the visitation system.

    Since the company’s launch in January 2012, the HomeWAV system has successfully managed more than 35,000 calls, 250,000 visitation minutes and 24 contracted facilities from coast-to-coast, with law enforcement personnel and civilian users rating it highly for ease of use, reliability, and security. The system is being marketed nationwide to municipal, state and federal correctional facilities.

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