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John Walsh on HomeWAV

John Walsh

Studies confirm that frequent contact with friends and family help break the chain of recidivism, that’s why I’m involved with HomeWAV.”

Hi, I’m John Walsh and over the years of locking up bad guys, I have learned several lessons. One of them being—most of those we lock up will get out one day. These newly released offenders are often unprepared for life outside and face a number of obstacles to successfully make it back into society.

Studies confirm that frequent contact with friends and family help break the chain of recidivism. And the data shows that the more visits prisoners receive, the lower their chance of re-offending after release. While incarcerated and surrounded by career criminals, it is easy to assume the identity of thugs and lawbreakers. That is why it is so important to maintain a strong connection to families and friends back home—to give inmates the social support they need to return to society crime-free.

This is why I am endorsing the HomeWAV solution. The benefits are there for the inmates, their families, and society. Families can save money and time for travel, and can stay connected every day for a minimal fee.

And, very importantly, the benefits are there also for the correctional institutions. The HomeWAV system allows inmates and visitors to set up appointments without the need for jail personnel involvement. There is no need for jail personnel to do scheduling, coordinating, and transporting of inmates for visitation. This is a crucial factor for jail security and safety, as well as a significant reduction in jail personnel costs.

Security overall is increased, inmate morale is improved, and visitation privileges are an incentive for good behavior.

I believe the HomeWAV solution can benefit both the community and the correctional facility in achieving their goal of rehabilitating criminals and helping families, while keeping the public safe.

1 THE EFFECTS OF PRISON VISITATION ON OFFENDER RECIDIVISM, Minnesota Department of Corrections, November 2011



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