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  • Tips for Better Video Calls

    At HomeWAV we want you to make the most of every minute in your video visitations. Here are some helpful tips for better video calls.


    1.     Use a decent web cam

    Video quality is only as good as the camera you use. Use a decent camera and play with its settings to maximize performance.


    2.     Pay attention to lighting

    Just like on a movie or photo set, lighting is everything in video chats. Too much light behind you will darken your image and make your face hard to see. Light from the wrong angle can create shadows or obscure parts of your face. Use a soft, bright light placed in front of you for best results.


    3.     Spruce up the background

    Turn around and take a look behind you. Is there a cluttered mess? Distracting motion? Tidy up and quiet down to make the most of your visit.


    4.     Make sure you have a good connection

    Technology can be the biggest culprit of a bad video call. HomeWAV is specialty designed to minimize technical problems. We also recommend some simple steps like closing extra tabs/programs or using a hard-wired internet connection vs wireless for the very best results.


    5.     Look at the camera for eye contact

    Eye contact is essential for good communication and feeling connected to each other. During a video call it feels natural to look directly into the eyes of the person on your screen, but for the proper effect you should actually look into the camera lens. It takes some getting used to, but the person on the other end will appreciate it.


    6.     Don’t overlook audio

    Just because it’s a video call doesn’t mean that sound is any less important. Sound quality is a notorious issue in the video communication world. Using headphones and/or a microphone can make a big difference, as will making sure you’re visiting from a quiet place, non-echoey space.


    7.     Look your best

    We all like to look our best, especially for someone we care about. Here are a few tips for getting camera-ready.


    •  Fix your hair. (Did you read that in your mother’s voice?)

    •  Wear a plain shirt in a skin-flattering color that contrasts with the background.

    •  Use foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer to even out your skin tone and highlight your facial features.

    •  Don’t overdo your eye makeup so they can really your eyes.

    •  Find your best angles & lighting. Practice beforehand. You’ll feel silly, but it pays off.

    •  Don’t fuss with your look during the call. Keep your hands off your face and out of your hair. Remember that you’re having a conversation, not looking in the mirror. This seems simple, but the impulse will strike. Fight it!


    Follow these tips and you’ll be on course for a great video visit!


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