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  • What Most Video Visitation Companies Don’t Want You to Know

    What Most Video Visitation Companies Don't Want You to Know

    Inmate visitation is a notoriously difficult burden on detention facility staff resources. There’s scheduling and security screenings, visit monitoring, inmate transport, and more — with costs and risks at every turn. Video visitation technology has emerged to help reduce the labor costs associated with visitation, but some early adopters haven’t seen the savings they expected.


    The reason? There’s something most video visitation companies don’t want you to know.


    The Truth About Video Visitation

    Here’s what most video visitation companies don’t want you to know about their technology:


    The majority of internet-based visitation systems still require staff-assisted advance scheduling, meaning an online visit is still costly and cumbersome to your facility’s bottom line.


    The HomeWAV system is different.


    HomeWAV vs. Other Video Visitation Companies

    Where other Internet-based visitation systems typically require the involvement of facility personnel to coordinate scheduling, no operator assistance is required to conduct OR schedule visits with HomeWAV.


    Here’s how it works:


    With HomeWAV’s patented technology, outgoing calls can be initiated from the detention facility by the inmate without the need for scheduling. Visitors sign up for HomeWAV, select the desired detention facility and inmate (or enter the inmate’s ID, depending on the facility’s specific needs. Then they upload funds to their HomeWAV account and sign on when they are available to visit. The HomeWAV station at the detention facility will display on its screen which inmates have visitors available. The inmate can then initiate the visit, which is paid for by-the-minute using the visitor’s prepaid HomeWAV funds. Everything is handled by the HomeWAV system without assistance from the staff.


    Learn more about the HomeWAV difference.


    It’s Your Time to Save

    Is your detention facility ready to break free from the burden of staff-assisted video visitations HomeWAV? Get in touch to schedule a demo. We’ll explain how the hardware and software work, show what the visitation experience is like, go over security features, and discuss how HomeWAV can work for your specific facility’s needs.



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